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For the first time in human history we have the technology, data, and insights to redefine health. Together with our partners, we will make the leap from reactive to proactive medicine. By collectively benefiting from the data we individually generate, we can all live our longest, fullest lives.


Our place in the history of medicine

Throughout history, doctors and scientists have endeavoured to unlock the secrets of the human body. Developments in pathology, medical imaging, and genomics have already made significant progress. Now digital biomarkers take us further than ever before, by providing real-time, real-life updates into the biological state of individuals. This allows us to make more timely interventions or prevent disease altogether.


The first recorded meeting of a physician with patients.


Antonie Philips van Leeuwenhoek invents the microscope and is the first to document observations of muscle fibres, bacteria, spermatozoa, and blood flow in capillaries.


Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen discovers X-rays, making previously concealed bones and tissue visible.


Mapping of the human genome is completed, unlocking the secrets of our DNA.


Wearable technology can be used to gather a new type of medical information — digital biomarkers — changing healthcare forever.

Working together

The seven pillars of Huma

Collaboration is at the heart of Huma. We offer a blend of medical expertise, technology modules, and services via seven modular pillars. Through these we enable partners to discover, validate, and commercialise digital health solutions.



Access to data sets, world-leading clinicians, research institutions, key opinion leaders (KOLs), healthcare systems, and technology partners.

Eight years of experience working within the NHS and international hospital systems have provided us with strong access to leading global clinical and research institutions, including key opinion leaders across various therapeutic indications. We leverage these networks to research solutions and ensure clinical validity and innovation within our programmes while ensuring regulatory compliance and adherence to ethical codes of practice.



In-house clinical research and validation team (CRO) to support the development, assessment, and publication of internal or co-developed digital solutions such as biomarkers.

As we’ve begun to develop and launch digital medical solutions, we created an in-house clinical research and validation team to support all aspects of their genesis. Digital healthcare solutions are associated with research which is complex with ever-evolving pathways. Huma is at the forefront of validation protocols in this field.


Software &

Established modular software platform comprising of a library of digital biomarkers with data collection functionality.

With the Huma app and web-based platform as our first product, we created a modular software platform comprising of a library of instructional, educational, and data collection activities. These are continually improved through in-house UX, design, and engineering teams.



Experience in, and knowledge of, navigating regulatory pathways within markets such as Europe, the US, and China.

As part of the process for the creation and approval of our platform, we have learnt to navigate regulatory pathways across global markets, for the assessment and approval of software as a medical device to deploy at scale.



Portfolio of integrated devices and external digital solutions to streamline engagement and data collection through a single access point for patient, provider, and biopharma.

We have the ability to connect to thousands of wearables through Apple Health and Google Fit and directly interface with over 500 medical devices to collect data such as blood pressure, heart rate, blood glucose, weight, lung capacity, etc.



Experience in achieving compliance with international reimbursement codes and commercialising digital health solutions in the EMEA, APAC, and US.

Beyond research and development, we directly commercialise our programs with an internal business development function covering healthcare, life sciences, and population health. Projects such as Henry Schein have allowed us to further our experience achieving compliance with international reimbursement codes and commercialising digital health solutions.



Strong partnership and distribution network including Apple, Tencent, China Resources, and Henry Schein, alongside others in healthcare, life sciences, and population health.

Although we are still growing, to extend reach beyond our internal capabilities we have developed strong partnerships and distribution networks. We are one of the only businesses in our field to have such a strong network at the global scale, as well as data storage in-country within all operational markets.

Working with partners, we build solutions using our seven core pillars

Boston Scientific

Huma partnered with Boston Scientific to measure and improve outcomes for diseases such as Venous Leg Ulcers across the NHS and other healthcare providers. In this, we leveraged our ability to bring together third party solutions for tracking wounds. Our work combined smartphone cameras, Huma’s remote patient monitoring solution and data aggregation and analysis capabilities.

Johnson & Johnson

Huma is working with Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc., one of the Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson to validate, scale, and potentially commercialise the ReVeRe® platform as a novel digital biomarker for Alzheimer's disease (AD).

Henry Schein

Huma and Medpod are collaborating to build a remote patient monitoring solution. This will enable skilled nursing facilities and office-based physicians to monitor the vital signs of their cohort and make more informed decisions about their health.


Bayer are currently using the suite of Huma services to develop digital biomarkers and therapeutics in cardiovascular health.

One platform. Many partners.
A world of insights.

Huma helps you see further. By gathering digital biomarkers from patients in real life, we create insights that lead to tangible improvements in treatment and beyond. We partner with some of the world’s most innovative and imaginative technology companies. We work alongside scientists, healthcare, pharma professionals, and governments to solve healthcare’s biggest problems.

Our modular platform enables partners to customise and commercialise digital health solutions

Real time data visualisation based on patient’s entries or connected devices. Track care plan adherence Visibility by care team Personalised educational content
Track care plan adherence
Real time data visualisation
Visibility by care team


This is not a one company mission This is not a
one company mission

What’s technology without insights? Data without context? Knowledge without action? We couldn’t do this without our partners and collaborators. Organisations who are as committed as we are to treating and preventing poor health. In our partnerships with Apple and Tencent we’re already doing vital work to improve lives the world over.

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