We are Huma

We believe magic happens when you bring together diverse ideas, experiences, and styles. We want to create a world where people live longer, fuller lives. To do that we need a team that represents all communities that use our solutions. We offer an environment where everyone has the opportunity to do their best work – come and join us.

Our Six Core Values

Trust is what defines us

Sometimes we succeed, sometimes we make mistakes, some days are fun, some days are hard. No matter the situation, we never let anything break the trust between our patients, our care providers, our partners, and each other.

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We make
impossible possible

Together we aim for the impossible, a mission to change the world. We do what others are scared to do and never ask if, but how. We are driven to achieve the extraordinary and expect to get there.

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Modesty is

We become irreplaceable by replacing ourselves. We are prepared to give up our role for someone we believe is better - the scale or our mission means there is no lack of opportunity. We always do what is most important for the business.

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Care as we care for our loved ones

We care deeply about the lives we touch, the people we work with and the love we share for our mission. This will change us and shape the future of humanity one smile at a time.

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We adore crazy

We love it when we are ourselves, we say what we think is right, we try ways that are our way, our style. We strongly believe by putting a group of crazy people together and enabling a diverse world of thoughts, ideas and styles that magic will happen.

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6th sense

Let your intuition be your guide.

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Many people, all human

Scientists, entrepreneurs, clinicians, mathematicians, technologists, artists, visionaries, and humans. We’re an eclectic bunch, but we all have one thing in common: a belief in the power of human potential.

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Visionaries imagine what is possible, and drive us forwards. There is no ambition too lofty for us – we’re here to change the world.

Two people sitting and talking with an open laptop.


This team is made up of creative, proactive, and driven scientists and clinicians who are creating cutting edge digital medicine.

Person drawing notes on a whiteboard.


Idea-driven but practical. Switched-on. Our mathematicians look beyond just numbers to build industry-leading AI products that make a real impact on people’s lives.

Two creative looking people talking.


Our artists are creative thinkers and communicators. They have a strong commitment to human-centred design and a passion for the convergence of design, technology, and healthcare.

A man with a laptop talking to a woman.


Talented, resourceful, and determined. This team has a passion to build technology that solves one of the biggest global challenges – human longevity.

Two people talking informally in a meeting room.


Ambassadors represent us to the world – whether it’s a Prime Minister or a patient, they’re professional, polished, and passionate about our products.

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Builders roll up their sleeves and get things done. They are the backbone of the company and support all of our teams in fulfilling our bold mission.

Clinician using laptop.

Current opportunities

Together with our partners we are pioneering digital innovation in healthcare. ​Our range of digital health solutions​ like digital biomarkers are helping us answer some of humanity's greatest unanswered questions about why we suffer from disease. Join us on this journey at the forefront of science, as we move from reactive to proactive medicine.

      Benefits, well-being
      and community initiatives

      At Huma, we care about and support everyone in our brilliant community. During the COVID-19 pandemic, our priority has been to make sure that everyone is healthy, both in body and mind. During these times our benefits packages may differ in order to support social distancing and other requirements asked of us by national governments.

      For more information about what benefits are currently available in your location, please reach out to a member of our People team.


      We support your wellness and family through evolving, progressive benefits programmes, tailored to our locations. Our employees share in our success – when you join, you will become an owner of the company through our generous share option scheme.

      Physical Wellbeing

      Health and safety is extremely important to us. We comply with all government requirements and have updated our facilities with hand sanitisers, one-way systems, contactless entry systems, and layouts that support social distancing.

      Keeping the balance

      We are a start-up – we understand that there will be times of intensity, but we always strive for balance. We are constantly learning and seeking feedback from our people on how to do better through quarterly surveys.


      We believe in and foster the growth of our employees with new projects and opportunities to learn from, continuous performance coaching, and proactive rewards to reflect growing responsibilities.

      Community & Family

      Life is a juggling act – even more so as we work from home. We encourage flexible working and promote a ‘family-first’ culture. We have a regular schedule of communications and ‘all-hands’ events. When we can celebrate together, our families and furry-family members join in.

      Other perks

      We offer all employees a Macbook with all software needed to deliver your best work. We’ll do our best to ensure you have all the right equipment and set-up.

      Please view our Applicant and Candidate Privacy Policy here

      Join The Conversation

      Together we can sharpen
      our thinking

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