Huma partners and invests in Pluto Health

This partnership will empower individuals with their own information, while simultaneously advancing research and care.

First published: 2 Jun 2021 | 3 min read
Author: Ed Sykes

LONDON and NEW YORK, Jun. 2nd, 2021

Huma, the fastest growing healthcare company in Europe, has invested in Duke University spin-out, Pluto Health, a company empowering individuals to find, integrate and automate insights from their medical records and data across different health systems, pharmacies and labs.

Patricia Bradley, Head of Commercial, U.S., explained: “*This is a powerful partnership for patients. The combination of Huma’s patient-generated data and Pluto’s health industry data and insights enables us to move from a ‘Polaroid’ picture of the patient, to a live 360-degree video with sound. This combination of traditional and patient-generated data is a complete game changer for research and care.*”

Huma’s health technology platform is transforming research and care. The modular, disease, device and cloud-agnostic platform enables rapid configurations for hospital-at-home, peri-op, companion-app and decentralized clinical trials solutions. The company also has national contracts for its ‘hospital at home’ service that allows clinicians to remotely care for patients with Covid-19, long-term conditions or who are awaiting surgery. 

Dr Joy Bhosai, Founder and CEO of Pluto Health, a hospital medicine physician and former Chief of Digital Health and Strategy of Duke Clinical Research Institute, said: “The US leads the world in the number of digital trials, but that data is siloed and patients continue to experience care gaps. Patients can’t access it, providers can’t access it, and researchers can’t access it. We are breaking those barriers, enabling people to access their data in minutes and increasing interoperability. We’re in it for the long haul - even if a study ends, or patients switch health providers. We know this is about trust, we don’t share any medical information with unknown third parties and we do all this while being HIPAA, HITECH, HITRUST and FDA CFR compliant.”

CEO and Founder of Huma, Dan Vahdat, said: “*As we expand into the US, this is an important partnership to empower individuals with their own information, while simultaneously advancing research and care. It’s partnerships like this one that bring our world closer to the promise of proactive, predictive care.*”

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