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Huma is a parent company comprising of several portfolio companies. We’re actively exploring acquisition opportunities in line with our business strategy.


Remote patient monitoring

Medopad has been a leader in Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) for several years and has rebranded to Huma. Huma’s flagship remote patient monitoring app and healthcare provider telemedicine portal will still be called Medopad for the time being.

Huma has created a COVID-19 specific remote patient monitoring app and healthcare provider telemedicine portal and is in the process of rolling this out to several sites in different countries. The COVID-19 patient-facing app is called ‘Medopad’ on the Apple App Store and Google Play for Android apps.

Only patients who have been instructed by their clinical team to use the Medopad app will be able to access the app via a unique code.


Mental health digital medicine

BioBeats is a validated employee wellbeing programme for predictive and preventative 
mental health support.

Through an app and wearable device, health data such as heart rate variability, sleep patterns, activity, and mood are collected in realtime. This allows BioBeats to calculate your baseline physical and mental health score and provide personalised support.

Biobeats recommends relevant tools to help employees feel better. They include evidence-based therapies within the app, known as digital therapeutics, and forms of biofeedback therapy, such as deep breathing exercises and mindful meditation.

Huma Devices

Continuous blood pressure monitoring

Huma Devices is researching innovative ways to monitor blood pressure with an unobtrusive wearable device on a patient’s wrist. The technology is currently being tested via clinical trials and will be undergoing regulatory approval thereafter.

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